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LeBalancier diving watch overview.
LeBalancier diving watch overview.

For the second post on our Family blog we will take a closer look at fresh Kickstarter watch startup. Let me introduce Le Balancier, freshly estabilished microbrand that runs their campaign on “ultimate diver watch” named CAP-FERRET. Quite unwonted name, don’t you think? I don’t even know what is the meaning behind it! The watch itself has interesting specification – 41 mm case diameter, crown at 2’oclock, doomed AR coated sapphire crystal on the front and water resistance up to 200 m. The movement is Miyota 9015 – should a need arise, no problem to repair it. Moreover, the watch comes with interesting kit – Le Balancier team calls it “affordable watch ecosystem” and first 200 pieces are numbered at the caseback. Less importantly, the bezel is uni-directional 120 clicks. The kit includes:

  • high quality (did you expect anything else?) dive watch on a brushed bracelet (solid links, endlinks),
  • custom watch winder (IMHO looks preety well),
  • nato strap,
  • bracelet resizer and picklock.
LeBalancier Cap-Ferret watch review
LeBalancier Cap-Ferret “ecosystem” – full kit.

Cap-Ferret watch collection – 5 variants.

The Cap-Ferret diver appears in 5 different variants – not too much, not too less. Which is the best – battle in comments. 🙂

Cap-Ferret microbrand watch collection - 5 models
LeBalancier Cap-Ferret collection.

Lets take a look at other photos of the watch and accessories.

LeBalancier microbrand watch design front look
LeBalancier on-wrist look.

Conslusion and my thoughts.

The watch looks very well on the paper. Let me clarify that it’s not luxury timepiece, but affordable watch with good accesories. Although we don’t know real-life quality of manufacturing yet, let’s hope for the best. 469 EURO – that’s the lowest pledge, that offers you full kit explained earlier. If you are interested, here is the link!

If you ask me – Cap-Ferret didn’t catch my heart, however I approve the idea of introducing the watch together with accessories like watch-winder. I honestly believe, that many backers are going to be satisfied with their pledges on the campaign. I wish LeBalancier team the best. Who knows? Maybe I will also get one someday as Cap-Ferret looks like really solid wristwatch, that will last heaps of time.

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    Interesting to see watch and winder kits! Hopefuly more will appear.. :))

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